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<bje> drd: iptables is pwning me
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* reactor (~reactor@unaffiliated/reactor) has joined ##electronics
* zigggggy reacts to reactor
<reactor> No no nonononononono
<reactor> you do not have to
* jpa- removes the control rods
<zigggggy> :O
* reactor sparks
<zigggggy> :D:DD::DD
<reactor> Do not press that button.
<zigggggy> the red one?
* jpa- runs away with the control rods
* CoolBeer drains the cooling liquid
* jpa- replaces cooling liquid with cool beer
<CoolBeer> :0
<reactor> I am not a nuclear device.
<`Nerobro_> that's what ALL nuclear devices say.
<reactor> (*cough* that also implies that I am not a moron)
<CoolBeer> We shouldn't push him, he can blow any second!
Notes: Please don your lead underwear.
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DrD: so then i can say hook a lcd screen to the arduino 3.3 or 5v output, and the reader to its own 12v, and share ground accross and everything will be happy
Nerobro: Uh huh
DrD: nice
DrD: i asume i just dont want to cross the streams, i mean VCC lines
Notes: Crossing the streams would be bad.
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Notes: eminent domain?
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(4:06:58 PM) CodeZero: tell ur g/f i said hi
(4:06:59 PM) A Divergent Mind: peace
(4:07:03 PM) A Divergent Mind: well do
(4:07:11 PM) A Divergent Mind: same to your mom
(4:07:15 PM) CodeZero: k
(4:07:16 PM) CodeZero: will do
(4:07:17 PM) A Divergent Mind: hehehe
(4:07:20 PM) A Divergent Mind: later
(4:07:24 PM) CodeZero: ill also tell her to get tested too
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<AR_> what the fuck is usb 3.0
<AR_> it's liek 2 ports jammed together

<Huitaryan1> when a usb and a firewire love each other very much...
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<Kerman> i had a nerdmare last night
<Kerman> someone stepped on my laptop, and broke the screen completely off
<Kerman> and everyone got REALLY mad at me for insisting they buy me a new one
<brimstone> no, a nerdmare is breaking your laptop and finding out your backups aren't good either
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(11:42:19 PM) drd: damn
(11:42:21 PM) drd: im so tired
(11:42:34 PM) drd: i just licked 2 random things in facebook when meaning to hit something else
(11:42:41 PM) didi: wtf
(11:42:46 PM) drd: yea
(11:42:52 PM) didi: is that a new feature, like poke of something?
(11:43:00 PM) drd: hahaha
(11:43:01 PM) drd: liked
(11:43:07 PM) didi: >.<
(11:43:07 PM) drd: hahaha
(11:43:11 PM) drd: duuuuuuude
(11:43:24 PM) drd: the yneed a lick feature
Notes: i lick this quote.
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d: the gui app probably reset your iptables
b: checkin iptables'
b: stupid app
d: never use an app to do a mans job
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SpeedEvil> To be a distributor all you need is a high voltage spark coil, and a mechanical switch.
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<Toba> let's build a portal through space and time and solve both problems
<ScribbleJ> I'm so all over that.
<`Nerobro> Hmm...
<`Nerobro> My matter ethernet bridge is not working quite right
<`Nerobro> the matter comes through, but the heisenberg states are all wrong.
<`Nerobro> :-/
<`Nerobro> s what comes out, is a rough pile, that's completely dead.
<ScribbleJ> There's so many ways to get free energy out of an einstein rosen bridge in local space that if it were a possible construct (which I don't think it is) it would cost an incredible amount to run.
<Toba> I'd say that doesn't matter, `Nerobro
<Toba> but maybe I just don't have the energy to think about it.
<Toba> I'm quite uncertain.
<`Nerobro> I'll just call you schroder.
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<RyanBouse> but you cant log into root with the gnome interface
<`Nerobro> Asking someone about what linux to use, you're going down tha tsame religious path... AMD or Intel. What hard disk is best. Etc...
<`Nerobro> RyanBouse, you sould never, EVER be logged in as root
* Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
Notes: Obviously I said something wrong..
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<`Nerobro> But i'm a data man. :-)
<Toba> .dat ass :)
<`Nerobro> dot dat ass? ;-)
<Toba> *ahhhhhhhhhhH* girl look at that dataset
<`Nerobro> well taht's almost cute.
<Toba> I'm statistical and I know it
Notes: LMFAO... what?
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<azonenberg> electronics-cat: "When I got this cable, it made CDs come alive and I heard sounds I never heard before. On my Justin Bieber CD you could hear the audio producers in the background suggesting the only way people will buy this CD is if we autotune it."
Notes: The magic of audiophools.
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|7|Cha0s> not unhappy I am just worried what will happen in 5 years or 10 years
<knarf> sure, who isn't
<PhG> Exactly
<|7|Cha0s> No I would go work the hospital
<|7|Cha0s> that is not going anywhere
<|7|Cha0s> people are always sick and dying
<PhG> rofl.
<knarf> yep
<|7|Cha0s> my current job is great
<|7|Cha0s> will hate to leave it being the main guy to being a worker bee
<PhG> is it wrong that that statement is comforting for you |7|Cha0s ?
<|7|Cha0s> lol yea
Notes: People are always sick and dying! Job security FTW!
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[in regards to DEC 7000 series mainframes...]
A: DEC had a rackmount model...
G: I thought cupsizes were C,D,DD, DDD, not D E C
Notes: Wrong rack.
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<centbot> CentOS6 is syncing to external mirrors. Release is imminent
<etcetera> hah, the last few megs are at 1.2KB/s
<Bahhumbug> what last few megs?
<etcetera> of the torrent.
<DeHackEd> methinks someone's leeching
<Bahhumbug> which torrent? the official one?
<DeHackEd> there's a torrent?
<etcetera> DeHackEd: not enough people are seeding at the end
<etcetera> indeed.
<Bahhumbug> if it's the official one it's capped at 95%
<DeHackEd> haha nice
<etcetera> capped at 95% of what?
<DeHackEd> uhh, 95% of 100% ?
<Bahhumbug> 95% completion.
<etcetera> why?
<DeHackEd> completion is 100% by definition
<DeHackEd> because it's not released yet
<Bahhumbug> and, fwiw, there are 18 out of 415 listed mirrors using http:// methods that are leaking content.
<DeHackEd> I thought the @centos6 was a giveaway
<etcetera> why in the world would you do that?
<DeHackEd> because it's not released yet
<DeHackEd> I thought the @centos6 was a giveaway
<etcetera> yes, but why would you provide access to 95% of the iso, but not the last 5% via torrent?
<Bahhumbug> pre-seed
<etcetera> pre-*facepalm*
* Bahhumbug shrugs
<Bahhumbug> it's not released. did you expect a freebie?
<DeHackEd> everybody expects a freebie
Notes: #centos on freenode
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<d> fucking a. someones fucking website is killing red again
<d> $10 says its fucking orient beach
<b> funny you should use that adjective.
<d> indeed
Notes: orient beach is a nude beach.
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shadowcpt:well if it's already based on 100, wouldnt the answer just be 35%
frangue:it's 7th grade math ;)
frangue:yes, good logical deduction
digipengi:frank is high on burrito
Notes: MATH!
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<digipengi> rhys: invade poland NOW
<rhys> http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-cosplay/ikuy/ikuy-euro-salute.jpg
<digipengi> damn you I am in training and everyone just saw that
<rhys> Mission Accomplished
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v: and like he thought this is a problem on our end
d: most customers do
v: winers are in excess
v: majority are moaners
d: thats what she said
v: no that what i am saying.
v: and who is she?
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15:01… hunt: you put the lime in the coconut
15:02… JamesS: you put the hamster in the ...
15:02… hunt: horse?
15:02… hunt: elephant!
15:04… @drd: you put the hamster in the teachers assistant
15:05… gnt: There is absolutely no way that can go anywhere work appropriate.
15:06… @drd: haha
15:06… @drd: very true
15:07… JamesS: here at *COMPANY* we strive to redefine the term "Work Appropriate"
15:08… gnt: My brain kept going with the lime and the coconut song.
15:09… JamesS: But your heart says no?
15:11… gnt: when you put the hampster places and shake it up. my brain started throwing up those black bars you see on late night comercials.
Notes: Those poor poor hamsters....
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<DiGi`> not only did i fail my road test, they revoked my permit
Notes: so there IS a risk to the test..
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smallz: saints row 3
smallz: do it
rhys: downloading
rhys: love gnome 3
rhys: its like the type of UI research Apple did for normal users? only for geeks
smallz: install fucked up on my ubuntu machine
smallz: so I haven't gotten to try it yet
smallz: plus I've been beating people to death with a dildo baseball bat in SR3
smallz: priorities man
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<Overburn> by the way, after some reading i still have a hard time understanding exactly what capacitors are for , does anyone know some good reading about them?
<`Nerobro> Overburn, Time to break out some basic electronics books.
<Overburn> yeah heh good idea
<SpeedEvil> If you imagine current as water flowing in a pipe, then capacitors are a toilet seat covered in cling-film.
<`Nerobro> SpeedEvil, ... distrubingly.. that's a good analogy
<Overburn> SpeedEvil : ah , i understand how they work, i just can't figure out why they are needed
Notes: Unusal Anal-ogys