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S: packet captures always know
drd: shakiras hips dont lie. packet captures never lie.
S: haha
drd: therefore. packet captures = shakira. no wonder why they are promiscuous.
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A: glhf
A: noooob
D: hf?
D: oh
A: have fun
D: have fun
A: ;P
D: indeefd
D: i found it easier and faster for me to type everything out
A: i find its easier and faster not to
D: that way my brain doesnt have to encode and decode letters
A: yoru brain is defunct as a cpu then
A: upgrade to a 486 bro
D: wtf do you expect from something made in 81
A: math co processor
D: z80 ftw
A: LOL~!
A: love it
Notes: only we would laugh at such a thing
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customer: i need port 25 unblocked from inbound and outbound communication.
comcast: Yes. you need to use port 465 for otugoing mesages and port 995 for incoming.
comcast: Please change the ports to resolve the issue.
customer: i cannot change this. the email server that i am using does not allow those ports. it only allows port 25
comcast: I am sorry ot hear that.
comcast: What email client are you using?
customer: telnet.
comcast: Oh..
Notes: im an old fashioned sort of guy.
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loclhst: arduino is a simple beast. its like im a monster, i can scare you and kill you, with my balloon hands.
Notes: because balloons for hands is very scary.
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(3:53:12 PM) root: jesus christ
(3:58:46 PM) root: i had an itch on my armpit so i scratched, and my finger smelled like s.
Notes: Surface to air missile. See also; one who does not wear deodorant...
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<Kerman> i had a nerdmare last night
<Kerman> someone stepped on my laptop, and broke the screen completely off
<Kerman> and everyone got REALLY mad at me for insisting they buy me a new one
<brimstone> no, a nerdmare is breaking your laptop and finding out your backups aren't good either
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DrD: so then i can say hook a lcd screen to the arduino 3.3 or 5v output, and the reader to its own 12v, and share ground accross and everything will be happy
Nerobro: Uh huh
DrD: nice
DrD: i asume i just dont want to cross the streams, i mean VCC lines
Notes: Crossing the streams would be bad.
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Notes: eminent domain?
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* reactor (~reactor@unaffiliated/reactor) has joined ##electronics
* zigggggy reacts to reactor
<reactor> No no nonononononono
<reactor> you do not have to
* jpa- removes the control rods
<zigggggy> :O
* reactor sparks
<zigggggy> :D:DD::DD
<reactor> Do not press that button.
<zigggggy> the red one?
* jpa- runs away with the control rods
* CoolBeer drains the cooling liquid
* jpa- replaces cooling liquid with cool beer
<CoolBeer> :0
<reactor> I am not a nuclear device.
<`Nerobro_> that's what ALL nuclear devices say.
<reactor> (*cough* that also implies that I am not a moron)
<CoolBeer> We shouldn't push him, he can blow any second!
Notes: Please don your lead underwear.
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<RyanBouse> but you cant log into root with the gnome interface
<`Nerobro> Asking someone about what linux to use, you're going down tha tsame religious path... AMD or Intel. What hard disk is best. Etc...
<`Nerobro> RyanBouse, you sould never, EVER be logged in as root
* Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
Notes: Obviously I said something wrong..
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<Toba> let's build a portal through space and time and solve both problems
<ScribbleJ> I'm so all over that.
<`Nerobro> Hmm...
<`Nerobro> My matter ethernet bridge is not working quite right
<`Nerobro> the matter comes through, but the heisenberg states are all wrong.
<`Nerobro> :-/
<`Nerobro> s what comes out, is a rough pile, that's completely dead.
<ScribbleJ> There's so many ways to get free energy out of an einstein rosen bridge in local space that if it were a possible construct (which I don't think it is) it would cost an incredible amount to run.
<Toba> I'd say that doesn't matter, `Nerobro
<Toba> but maybe I just don't have the energy to think about it.
<Toba> I'm quite uncertain.
<`Nerobro> I'll just call you schroder.
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<azonenberg> electronics-cat: "When I got this cable, it made CDs come alive and I heard sounds I never heard before. On my Justin Bieber CD you could hear the audio producers in the background suggesting the only way people will buy this CD is if we autotune it."
Notes: The magic of audiophools.
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<AR_> what the fuck is usb 3.0
<AR_> it's liek 2 ports jammed together

<Huitaryan1> when a usb and a firewire love each other very much...
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<`Nerobro> But i'm a data man. :-)
<Toba> .dat ass :)
<`Nerobro> dot dat ass? ;-)
<Toba> *ahhhhhhhhhhH* girl look at that dataset
<`Nerobro> well taht's almost cute.
<Toba> I'm statistical and I know it
Notes: LMFAO... what?
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<Overburn> by the way, after some reading i still have a hard time understanding exactly what capacitors are for , does anyone know some good reading about them?
<`Nerobro> Overburn, Time to break out some basic electronics books.
<Overburn> yeah heh good idea
<SpeedEvil> If you imagine current as water flowing in a pipe, then capacitors are a toilet seat covered in cling-film.
<`Nerobro> SpeedEvil, ... distrubingly.. that's a good analogy
<Overburn> SpeedEvil : ah , i understand how they work, i just can't figure out why they are needed
Notes: Unusal Anal-ogys
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smallz: saints row 3
smallz: do it
rhys: downloading
rhys: love gnome 3
rhys: its like the type of UI research Apple did for normal users? only for geeks
smallz: install fucked up on my ubuntu machine
smallz: so I haven't gotten to try it yet
smallz: plus I've been beating people to death with a dildo baseball bat in SR3
smallz: priorities man
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SpeedEvil> To be a distributor all you need is a high voltage spark coil, and a mechanical switch.
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* `Nerobro misses his festiva
<`Nerobro> it was awesome
<`Nerobro> I was racing everyone everywhere
<`Nerobro> and nobody knew it
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<`GnT> people at pumping station value their hide
<ManyMoons> `GnT: haha value thier hide.
<ManyMoons> Im gonna have to remember that phrase.
<`GnT> I think I came up with that after looking at protective gear for motorcycling
<ManyMoons> haha nice. Iv seen a guy wearing skid plates and my first thought was cool
<ManyMoons> my second thought was ".. any time wearing skid plates is a good idea, You might be doing something wrong"
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v: and like he thought this is a problem on our end
d: most customers do
v: winers are in excess
v: majority are moaners
d: thats what she said
v: no that what i am saying.
v: and who is she?
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<rhys> digipengi, zabbix?
<rhys> digipengi, i should say its a monitoring system which has the distinguished attributes of not being nagios or zenoss.
<digipengi> um k?
<digipengi> rhys I make little asian children monitor my stuff
<digipengi> it's easier
<digipengi> and anytime something goes down they run to me and go "Mr. Jones Mr. Jones...."
<digipengi> then I hit them and fix the system
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(4:31:44 PM) root: one more thng i want to try
(4:31:47 PM) A Different Mind: vaginas
(4:32:00 PM) root: no i tried those. they smell funny but are good for the soul
Notes: vaginaz
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[22:09:30] <V> D what is this vim good for?
[22:10:01] <V> this tutorial does not show whole a lot
[22:10:11] <D> vim is a unix text editor
[22:10:58] <V> is it just teaching shortcuts?
[22:11:04] <V> or actual commands
[22:11:19] <D> its a text editor
[22:11:23] <D> like notepad for windows
[22:11:27] <D> but fancy options
[22:12:32] <V> Ill go through
[22:12:34] <V> it
[22:12:50] <D> you probably will not be using it as much as everyone else, its used a bit when your oncall
[22:13:14] <V> eample
[22:13:18] <V> example?
[22:13:34] <D> editing a config file to prep for a down pbx
[22:13:49] <D> editing config files on a pbx
[22:14:07] <D> creating text files in general
[22:14:16] <V> is so much better then notepad??
[22:14:29] <D> its a text editor. you cant really explain a text editor more then that
Notes: explaining that vim is like notepad, and its still not understood...
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<d> a quick way to check if the t1s are up/up
<d> #sh int sum | inc Serial
<d> if they have a line starting with *, it means it is up
<d> if the line is starting with just Serial, it is down
<V> oh thanks for a tip
<d> allright im going to head home now
<d> if you see the t1s flap and all stay down, call me
<V> with no prob at all
<V> have a joy ride
<V> (wave)
<V> Waving
<d> i can see the text, i just cant see the images.
<V> Thats why I am translating them
<V> get an update
<V> for your app
Notes: no comment at all...
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<Vadim_> what is that stupid account about
<Vadim_> another DMC story?
<didier> what towerr r u on?
<Vadim_> I am not on a tower i am in the office
<Vadim_> stcl_ws1 (?) IP: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx for router access
<didier> thanks for stating the obvious
<Vadim_> this is from plat
<didier> stcl is dmc
<didier> yes its a dmc thing
<didier> they would be authenticating through DMC
<didier> so we need to contact CMD
<didier> DMC*
<Vadim_> so the info on plat can be ignored?
<didier> NO. We are interpretting the data.... which tells us its DMC
<Vadim_> alright I will call Harry Potter again
<didier> so we need to contact them on this
<didier> rofl
<didier> alright goodluck, hopefully dumbledorf wont be too angry
<didier> call if you need me
<Vadim_> thanks
<Vadim_> I will trust me
Notes: dumbledorf