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<blackdevl> falz: when i sold my motorola cliq, it was only colored people that were emailing me
<blackdevl> and of course none of it was in english
<falz> haha
<blackdevl> i had to make my friend come with me cause i was scared i was gonna wind up minus 2 phones
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<digipengi> loclhst did PhG give you the Diabeetus photo I sent him last night
<loclhst> no
<CodeZero> hey loclhst did PhG give you the STD's Digi gave him last night
<CodeZero> lawlz
<loclhst> yes
--> shadowcpt (~shadow.cp@154.sub-72-96-151.myvzw.com) has joined #Fubaria
<PhG> so then he stuck it right in there
<PhG> and she screamed
<PhG> it was pretty fscked up, ive never seen anybody do that before
<PhG> i guess they call it the rollercoaster tycoon
<digipengi> that's crazy did he go to jail?
<PhG> yea man, the animals got picked up by the EPA too
<digipengi> I'm surprised he remembers any of it
<digipengi> He did drink A LOT
<PhG> yea i have some fucked up friends
<PhG> i guess hes going to be tried as an adult too because hes 17
<PhG> not too much to do out there in the farm country though, so i cant blame him
<PhG> but seriously WTF, and to take pictures..... christ people have problems
<PhG> Just proof that im very smart to duct tape my ass shut everytime i go out there
<digipengi> I can blame him, doesn't matter where your from trying to force a pork chop into a pigs ass is just crossing the line
<shadowcpt> heh
<shadowcpt> tc guys - catch y'all later )
<shadowcpt> :)
<-- shadowcpt has quit (|insert lifeguard rule #1 here|)
<PhG> ahahahaha
<PhG> oh man that was good
<digipengi> ^_^
<digipengi> that was fun
Notes: im sure it happened somewhere.
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WARNING: database "spam" must be vacuumed within 996586 transactions
HINT: To avoid a database shutdown, execute a full-database VACUUM in "spam".
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<b> http://www.openbsd101.com/tipstricks.html#tt1
<`g> I like munkies
<b> You are munkies.
<`g> hey hey we're the?
<drd> hey hey were the monkeys
<drd> peoplke say we monkey around
<drd> but were too busy singin
<drd> to put anybody doowwwnnnnnn
<b> That will be in my head ALL fucking day now.
Notes: Monkeys will pass.
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<`Nerobro> why am I talking reason with a canadian?
<BlackMoon> Because you can't find any americans to talk reason with.
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didi:Prostate script? WTF server did i just power on?
drd:That says post-rotate.
Notes: Prostate Script
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The latest installment of DaintyB and the bridge... Quote #175

DaintyB: Nerobro! There's no time! The matter ethernet bridge is out of control! I tried reversing the polarity of the neutron flow but THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BOX, I repeat THE CAT IS OUT OF THE BOX. Dear God why did we ever think that putting a cat in a box with radioactive material was a good idea? I went back in time to get Heisenberg's help but he all he said was "Well, Sometime's Shift Happens."
Nerobro: He just said shift happens? But.. how does the cat go back? we now have a dead cat, and a live cat. There's TWO CATS now!
DaintyB: Two? Thank god, at cat5 we'll have a routing loop a singularity will start to form. I need to get back to work.

*Loud noises as DaintyB goes back to work..*
Will DaintyB avoid catastorphe? Will she pass matter over the net? Find out next time.. http://www.simplypwned.com/quote.php?view=quote&id=175
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<`GnT> people at pumping station value their hide
<ManyMoons> `GnT: haha value thier hide.
<ManyMoons> Im gonna have to remember that phrase.
<`GnT> I think I came up with that after looking at protective gear for motorcycling
<ManyMoons> haha nice. Iv seen a guy wearing skid plates and my first thought was cool
<ManyMoons> my second thought was ".. any time wearing skid plates is a good idea, You might be doing something wrong"
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User : hy matt - woul you b abl to hlp m, my kyboar is mss up.....
SysAdmin: O_O...Omg yes it is.
SysAdmin: I'll be right over...
Notes: I think her keyboard is messed up...just a hunch.
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.... Right about lunchtime....
<g> Says: I think I might simply poof out of existance.
<d> Hears: "I think I might simply poop out of existance."
Notes: Low blood glucose strikes again.
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<Demonlord> look at all these idlers idling
<`Nerobro> rumblerumblerumble
<Demonlord> well played
Notes: An ode to Idle.
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<roto_> i think IRC has turned me gay
Notes: On IRC, you can actually catch teh gehy
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Habib: It's a 4way and not a 3way
Drd: Ooooh
Notes: Channel info: Helicopters
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<drd> looks like rokot stopped processing things again
<drd> 0000A96F SYSUAF_SERVER_C COM 4 3652 0 00:02:49.32 1482 875
<drd> sysuaf is in a computational state again
<didier`> love how we come to the same conclusion at the same time.
<didier`> <3 rokot.
<drd> i can probably fix it
<drd> without a reboot
<drd> =P
<drd> all fix0red
<didier`> idk if you should be proud or sad.
<drd> i lost a little peice of happiness with that
Notes: <3 openVMS
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<AR_> what the fuck is usb 3.0
<AR_> it's liek 2 ports jammed together

<Huitaryan1> when a usb and a firewire love each other very much...
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<BlackMoon> "Does anyone have a clue how any of this works? Like, If I droped you off in the forest with a hatchet, How long before you could send me an e-mail?
<BlackMoon> Judging from minecraft, about 6 weeks. but thats just me, your milage may vary.
Notes: From zero to minecraft
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13:35 <@knarf> FUCK yeah, zod runs SLACKWARE
13:35 <@knarf> take that you ubutards
13:36 <@digipengi> knarf dont lie you run Linux Mint
13:36 <@PhG> ahahahaha
13:36 <@PhG> im not an ubuntard, howd ya figure that out?
13:36 <@knarf> sashaying around the channel with your sissy arch linux faggotry
13:36 <@knarf> your dead rats and such
13:36 < `Nerobro> Hah
13:36 <@digipengi> lol
13:36 < `Nerobro> I've been running slack for a long, long time
13:36 <@digipengi> dude there is nothing wrong with Arch
13:36 <@knarf> finally, the voice of reason
13:37 <@PhG> thank you for being reasonable digipengi
13:37 < `Nerobro> Like... redhat 3.2 days.
13:37 < `Nerobro> long time.
13:38 <@PhG> nothing wrong with linux, plenty wrong with running a dead OS
13:38 <@digipengi> PhG did you reboot loclhst's server the day before it's one
year mark
13:38 * PhG glares at knarf
13:38 <@digipengi> lawl frank has a hardon for OpenSolaris
13:38 <@PhG> he might have, to install nfs for me :)
13:38 <@PhG> damn having to reboot for kernel changes.
13:39 * knarf goes on jihad against noob linux distros
13:39 <@digipengi> at least our distro's will exist next year
13:39 <@digipengi> OHHHH
13:39 <@digipengi> snap
13:39 <@knarf> =D
13:39 < `Nerobro> oooooh
13:39 <@knarf> oh hay
13:39 < `Nerobro> I wish slack had a biggger following
13:39 <@knarf> I am dumping open solaris corpse into the ditch
13:40 < `Nerobro> but because it's not "easy"...
13:40 < `Nerobro> and because they try to copy bsd
13:40 <@knarf> agreed
13:40 <@digipengi> your finger prints and semen are all over it though frank
13:40 <@knarf> it's not for noobs
13:40 <@knarf> damn DNA databases
13:40 < `Nerobro> it was my first really successfull linux install
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<digipengi> OMG! You Broke the Interwebs!
Notes: 404 - Page not found
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drd: wtf kind of error is that
gnt: no shit
drd: "somethings wrong"
gnt: and none of the consoles work
drd: uhhh
drd: the config doesnt exist?
gnt: yup
drd: /vmfs/volumes # cd ARRAY1
-ash: cd: can't cd to ARRAY1

gnt: that's... not good.
drd: was the console working before you rebooted pdc
gnt: No, it wasn't.
drd: well sir.
drd: i think we lost the array

-- Meanwhile on IRC --
[11/06 1:39AM] <drd> go to cabinet 1.6, look at vhost3, and tell me if the
hard drive LEDs are green, off, or red
[11/06 1:39AM] <drd> you shouldnt need the key
[11/06 1:39AM] <kc> k
[11/06 1:41AM] <kc> red
[11/06 1:41AM] <drd> fuck
[11/06 1:41AM] <drd> how many
[11/06 1:41AM] <kc> 2
[11/06 1:43AM] <kcanada> the first 2

-- Back to AIM --
(01:43:39) drd:
/vmfs/volumes # cd ARRAY1
-ash: cd: can't cd to ARRAY1
/vmfs/volumes # cd 4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a
/vmfs/volumes/4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a # ls -la
/vmfs/volumes/4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a #

gnt: .......
drd: isnt it wonderful how redundancy works
drd: yup
drd: its gone

gnt: are the images still on whatever?
drd: nope.
gnt: you sir, need to have an issue opened up, and need to notify jamie.
Notes: In a RAID10, we lost the first whole mirrored set. Someone above still loves me because upon a reboot, only one drive was failed.
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Dernb - "photos of my dick" doesn't get flagged as spam
Digipengi - lol
Dernb - good for future reference
Digipengi - ^_^
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<rhys> digipengi, zabbix?
<rhys> digipengi, i should say its a monitoring system which has the distinguished attributes of not being nagios or zenoss.
<digipengi> um k?
<digipengi> rhys I make little asian children monitor my stuff
<digipengi> it's easier
<digipengi> and anytime something goes down they run to me and go "Mr. Jones Mr. Jones...."
<digipengi> then I hit them and fix the system
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<@b> wonder if the bots are +bitch
* b was kicked by vermont (channel is +bitch)
<@b> haha
<@b> :P
< d> >.<
<@b> think i found my answer
< d> indeed
-!- mode/#***** [-v colorado] by b
< d> oh god he'll do it
< d> dont make him angry
Notes: He's crazy man. I saw him stab a bot just for not Op'ing him!
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<renesis> iCould
<Tekrad> isn't that the name of a train?
<Tekrad> oh wait...that's iThink iCan
<Rab> iThought iCould.
Notes: Poorly trained IRC geeks.
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<bje> drd: iptables is pwning me
Quote #88 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-02-24 - [flag]
[16:56] <`gnT> lets hope I catch TDS
[16:56] <s> Watch out for those STD's
[16:56] <didi> hahahahahaha
[16:57] <`gnT> oh the irony
[16:57] <didi> for your sake i hope you dont catch a TDS
[16:57] <s> Watch out for those STD's
Notes: oh the irony indeed.