Quote #48 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-10-03 - [flag]
12:53… @P4T: [12:52] JamesS: Man, sometimes i hate Dasha!!!
12:53… @P4T: james thats not nice
12:54… didier: wow james, your not nice
12:54… Dasha: :((
12:54… Dasha has left #support
12:54… @P4T: lol
12:54… didier: lol!
12:54… JamesS: [12:55] P4T: I know I need to stop making stuff up but im just a big dumb idiot
Notes: I need to stop making stuff up but im just a big dumb idiot
Quote #186 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-02-07 - [flag]
User : hy matt - woul you b abl to hlp m, my kyboar is mss up.....
SysAdmin: O_O...Omg yes it is.
SysAdmin: I'll be right over...
Notes: I think her keyboard is messed up...just a hunch.
Quote #127 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2010-09-28 - [flag]
<frangue> i am still watching the hot chick dancing
<digipengi> hehe hot chick is hot
<frangue> i heard that
<frangue> dan, can you be a hot chick now pls
* loclhst puts on some makeup
<digipengi> It puts the lotion in the basket
<frangue> or it gets teh h0se again!
Notes: Dan wears makeup on IRC
Quote #171 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-01-13 - [flag]
09:41 <@emjay> what is the ip address of the internet
09:42 * digipengi 's eye twitches and blood flows from ears
09:43 <@digipengi>
09:44 <@digipengi> and actually
09:44 <@digipengi> emjay:
09:44 <@digipengi> if you want the real answer
09:44 <@digipengi>
09:44 <@emjay> i was thinking
09:45 <@digipengi> would select all routers
09:46 <@emjay> i wonder if the internet has a home page
09:46 <@digipengi> www.google.co
09:46 <@digipengi> www.google.com
Quote #94 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-03-09 - [flag]
<m> [m@test /]$ su
<m> Password:
<m> su: incorrect password
<m2> sudo su -
<m2> root becomes you
Notes: in Soviet Russia...
Quote #285 - Score: -12 - [+/-] - 2012-07-03 - [flag]
<Kerman> i had a nerdmare last night
<Kerman> someone stepped on my laptop, and broke the screen completely off
<Kerman> and everyone got REALLY mad at me for insisting they buy me a new one
<brimstone> no, a nerdmare is breaking your laptop and finding out your backups aren't good either
Quote #117 - Score: -4 - [+/-] - 2010-08-20 - [flag]
JaEd: whatcha upto
gnT: jack ,and shit
JaEd: oh fuck
gnT: ?
JaEd: add a little coke and it sounds like a good night turned bad
Notes: in the future, take greater care with your mixers.
Quote #249 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-07-25 - [flag]
<sumyungguy> I hope they build a DefCon app for android. There was one for iphone last year.
<bobdole> looks like you need to get kraken!
<bobdole> awwww yeaaaahhhhhh
Quote #248 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-07-14 - [flag]
15:51 <@digipengi> dude
15:51 <@digipengi> greatest idea ever
15:51 <@digipengi> 5 player pacman
15:51 <@digipengi> 1 person is pacman 4 others are ghosts
15:53 < ExodusM2> That's pretty awesome
Notes: build it now!
Quote #250 - Score: -3 - [+/-] - 2011-07-27 - [flag]
<Vadim_> what is that stupid account about
<Vadim_> another DMC story?
<didier> what towerr r u on?
<Vadim_> I am not on a tower i am in the office
<Vadim_> stcl_ws1 (?) IP: xx.xxx.xxx.xxx for router access
<didier> thanks for stating the obvious
<Vadim_> this is from plat
<didier> stcl is dmc
<didier> yes its a dmc thing
<didier> they would be authenticating through DMC
<didier> so we need to contact CMD
<didier> DMC*
<Vadim_> so the info on plat can be ignored?
<didier> NO. We are interpretting the data.... which tells us its DMC
<Vadim_> alright I will call Harry Potter again
<didier> so we need to contact them on this
<didier> rofl
<didier> alright goodluck, hopefully dumbledorf wont be too angry
<didier> call if you need me
<Vadim_> thanks
<Vadim_> I will trust me
Notes: dumbledorf
Quote #72 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-11-12 - [flag]
(12:54:55 AM) jaed: nice
(12:57:09 AM) jaed: ABS: The Arch Build System
(12:57:12 AM) jaed: my PC has ABS
(12:57:16 AM) jaed: rofl
(12:57:20 AM) jaed: what a goofy os this is
(12:57:23 AM) drd: automatic breaking system!
(12:59:03 AM) jaed: nicE!!!!!!!!1
(12:59:10 AM) jaed: i didnt even catch the play on words
(12:59:32 AM) drd: ?
(12:59:45 AM) jaed: "breaking"
(12:59:48 AM) jaed: like, it breaks
(12:59:58 AM) drd: ha
(12:59:59 AM) jaed: ha you didnt mean that, awesome
(01:00:04 AM) drd: i didnt catych it ether
(01:00:06 AM) drd: lol
Quote #235 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-05-20 - [flag]
<DoctorD> i need a shower. i just got a mssql server setup working in HA
<`Beggar> you need more than a shower
<`Beggar> you need a decontamination
<DoctorD> yes
<DoctorD> yes i do
<`Beggar> Brillo pads, soaps that are half acid.
<`Beggar> and three or four burly men scraping the filth off of you
Quote #241 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-06-03 - [flag]
11:18 <Reese> this is softraid. mdadm
11:19 <Penny> not if you rub it enough Reese
11:19 <Penny> then it becomes a hardraid
11:20 <Reese> if that were true, and considering hardraid is about 300$ more
than softraid, you have a towel at home worth thousands of dollar
Notes: I'm rich bitch
Quote #188 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-02-10 - [flag]
18:11 <d> commands not to run
18:11 <d> ************************* -o wordlist.txt
18:12 <d> ******** will now generate 5925787425 GB of data
Notes: Gonna need a few more GEE BEE's over here
Quote #203 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-02-23 - [flag]
<digipengi> remember he has a front facing camera
<digipengi> he will be making man porn
<`Nerobro> yaknow..
<`Nerobro> thinking about it
<`Nerobro> most porn is "man" porn
<knarf> ugh
<`Nerobro> be it of men, or women
* knarf vomits
<`Nerobro> it's for other men
<`Nerobro> Girl porn doesn't even usually rate a pg-13 rating
<digipengi> girl porn is called "Anything with Johnny Depp"
<loclhst> or sparkley vampires
Quote #123 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-09-24 - [flag]
loclhst: cp awesome
loclhst: haha
loclhst: ops
digipengi: O_O
loclhst: manipulating files in another window
ChrisH: Dan please have a seat over there
Notes: cp is not awesome
Quote #281 - Score: -14 - [+/-] - 2012-03-05 - [flag]
* reactor (~reactor@unaffiliated/reactor) has joined ##electronics
* zigggggy reacts to reactor
<reactor> No no nonononononono
<reactor> you do not have to
* jpa- removes the control rods
<zigggggy> :O
* reactor sparks
<zigggggy> :D:DD::DD
<reactor> Do not press that button.
<zigggggy> the red one?
* jpa- runs away with the control rods
* CoolBeer drains the cooling liquid
* jpa- replaces cooling liquid with cool beer
<CoolBeer> :0
<reactor> I am not a nuclear device.
<`Nerobro_> that's what ALL nuclear devices say.
<reactor> (*cough* that also implies that I am not a moron)
<CoolBeer> We shouldn't push him, he can blow any second!
Notes: Please don your lead underwear.
Quote #39 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-09-04 - [flag]
<grayswandir> "general TLC"
<CSP> fine ill settle for the other 3
<Silver> that works. one on the right is fucking hot.
<Silver> like model hot.
<HoboSpaceCop> Yeah General TLC worries me
<grayswandir> it's like "well loved"
<HoboSpaceCop> It varies from "your gonna have to clean it a little" to "The bike is actually on fire most of the time"
<team_hogan_drifting> lol bmws
<hondaguyf4i> never heard anyone call in each week i had about bmws now
<grayswandir> for all you know their idea of loving involves 50' of chain, a speculum and chilli peppers
Quote #216 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-04-06 - [flag]
<BigMan> whoever opened the box that was addressed to me, thanks for mangling the packing slip that i needed
<LesserManager> i bet it was Roger
<LesserManager> he said he did it to make you mad
Notes: lolumad?
Quote #251 - Score: -3 - [+/-] - 2011-08-04 - [flag]
<d> a quick way to check if the t1s are up/up
<d> #sh int sum | inc Serial
<d> if they have a line starting with *, it means it is up
<d> if the line is starting with just Serial, it is down
<V> oh thanks for a tip
<d> allright im going to head home now
<d> if you see the t1s flap and all stay down, call me
<V> with no prob at all
<V> have a joy ride
<V> (wave)
<V> Waving
<d> i can see the text, i just cant see the images.
<V> Thats why I am translating them
<V> get an update
<V> for your app
Notes: no comment at all...
Quote #33 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-08-16 - [flag]
ET: liquid helium pushing a Phenom II X4 965 BE past 6.6 ghz at -232 degrees C? Frigging awesome.
AD: dislike. It would be cooler if it were a Intel chip.
ET: Intel chips can't run that cold. Only the Phenom II processors can run on liquid helium.
AD: Doesnt change the fact that it would be cooler :D
ET: Well you could cool any chip to -250C... but you can't run any chip that cold... I'll see monday if Kingpin broke the record...
JT: Lame AMD CPU, nothing beats an Intel, nothing. There's a couple benchmarks out there of someone with an Intel around 10GHz. I run at 4.05GHz myself w/o liquid cooling.
JT: Here is one example... http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=937 Notice there are no AMD chips currently on the record chart. XD
AD: thanks for doing the footwork, i was by far too lazy to retort. AMD is just living on dreams.... im not one to usually root against the lil guy but I know quality when i see it. What next ET? Are you going to start telling us about amazing overclocks on Via C7 to 2.5ghz! Mmmmm Intel.
JT: ROFL "Via C7" - hahahahahaha.....good one. XD
Notes: Facebook post that was just asking for it...
Names Edited for privacy purposes.
Ownage included for AMD suckage.
Quote #195 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-02-17 - [flag]
12:51 <@digipengi> it's all real technical
12:51 <@loclhst> 'im not technical dan'
12:51 <@digipengi> lol
12:52 <@digipengi> you understand computers
12:52 <@digipengi> not asians
12:52 <@loclhst> <3 asian women
12:52 <@Nerobro> asians suck on cat3 and memorize the tingle
12:52 <@Nerobro> they use a 9v and fast twitching to reply
Notes: Asians aren't computers
Quote #84 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-02-23 - [flag]
<j> our updater sucks monkey ass
<g> I recal seeing the feature request for "suck monkey ass" at some point.
<d> yea it was submitted by s. he thought that sucking donkey balls wasnt good enough.
Notes: Features. They're there.
Quote #70 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-11-06 - [flag]
drd: wtf kind of error is that
gnt: no shit
drd: "somethings wrong"
gnt: and none of the consoles work
drd: uhhh
drd: the config doesnt exist?
gnt: yup
drd: /vmfs/volumes # cd ARRAY1
-ash: cd: can't cd to ARRAY1

gnt: that's... not good.
drd: was the console working before you rebooted pdc
gnt: No, it wasn't.
drd: well sir.
drd: i think we lost the array

-- Meanwhile on IRC --
[11/06 1:39AM] <drd> go to cabinet 1.6, look at vhost3, and tell me if the
hard drive LEDs are green, off, or red
[11/06 1:39AM] <drd> you shouldnt need the key
[11/06 1:39AM] <kc> k
[11/06 1:41AM] <kc> red
[11/06 1:41AM] <drd> fuck
[11/06 1:41AM] <drd> how many
[11/06 1:41AM] <kc> 2
[11/06 1:43AM] <kcanada> the first 2

-- Back to AIM --
(01:43:39) drd:
/vmfs/volumes # cd ARRAY1
-ash: cd: can't cd to ARRAY1
/vmfs/volumes # cd 4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a
/vmfs/volumes/4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a # ls -la
/vmfs/volumes/4aee41f7-bc87fa6c-ba23-00304834567a #

gnt: .......
drd: isnt it wonderful how redundancy works
drd: yup
drd: its gone

gnt: are the images still on whatever?
drd: nope.
gnt: you sir, need to have an issue opened up, and need to notify jamie.
Notes: In a RAID10, we lost the first whole mirrored set. Someone above still loves me because upon a reboot, only one drive was failed.
Quote #234 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-05-18 - [flag]
15:50 < ExodusMachine> I can't weat them. We can barely wear jeans on Friday
without a collared shit.
15:50 < ExodusMachine> errr shirt.
15:50 <@digipengi> lol
15:50 <@digipengi> type win or fail