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drd: just have to find a way to see if you can export the email crap
drd: i hate setting up all my accounts every time
jh: hahaha
jh: i only do my work email and gmail
drd: i do work, and i have 3 personal ones
jh: booty call emails?
drd: pretty much
drd: cept no one uses it
jh: rawwwrrr
Notes: jon and drd talking about uses for email on cell phones
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00:14 < Toba> why we still need drivers for network printers is beyond me
00:15 < Toba> screw paper anyway
00:15 < digipengi> same reason we still need windows
00:16 < Toba> because the world is a horrible place full of stupid people?
00:17 < digipengi> yup
Quote #192 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-02-16 - [flag]
<drd> looks like rokot stopped processing things again
<drd> 0000A96F SYSUAF_SERVER_C COM 4 3652 0 00:02:49.32 1482 875
<drd> sysuaf is in a computational state again
<didier`> love how we come to the same conclusion at the same time.
<didier`> <3 rokot.
<drd> i can probably fix it
<drd> without a reboot
<drd> =P
<drd> all fix0red
<didier`> idk if you should be proud or sad.
<drd> i lost a little peice of happiness with that
Notes: <3 openVMS
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<incubeous> :*( How am I the nerdiest person in here dammit
<longcat> I'm just a janitor
<incubeous> is that a metaphor or are you really a janitor?
<longcat> @ is my mop, and +b is my cleaner
Notes: #electronics Efnet
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09:25 <@loclhst> nas02.lith.dls.netILow free disk space on nas02.lith.dls.net
volume d:
09:25 <@loclhst> drive d is the cdrom
09:25 <@PhG> rofl
09:25 <@PhG> thats just fucking genius
09:25 <@digipengi> >.<
09:25 <@loclhst> i wonder what happens if i pop the cd out
09:25 <@PhG> lights on fire
09:25 <@digipengi> it would have a panic attack
09:25 <@PhG> windows would bsod
09:26 <@digipengi> lawl
09:26 <@loclhst> probably
09:26 <@PhG> Self immolation at its finest
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[14:50] <JamesS> JD told me his favorite story of all time was "A Queer and Present Danger"
[14:51] <JD-chi> thats not true james, that is my second favorite
[14:52] <JD-chi> number one is, hans and grettle
[14:52] <Didi> Henzel and Grettle is the story im familiar with
[14:52] <JD-chi> even though i dont know how to spell it, it is my favorite story
[14:53] <JD-chi> its a more homoerotic version where henzel is hans a blonde bavarian hunk with short shorts
[14:53] <JD-chi> and one of those huge horn things from the ricola commercials
[14:54] <JamesS> And Grettle is a donkey
[14:54] <JD-chi> exactly, i knew you had seen it
[14:55] <drd> riiiiiiiiccooollaaaaaaa
Notes: Henzel and Hans
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(17:52:48) drd: i got scared yesterday. i wore my cake is a lie shirt, and at noodles, a cute girl was like "is that a 'cake is a lie' shirt? that is THE best game!"
(17:52:56) drd: and i didnt know what to say
(17:52:58) drd: =(
(17:53:14) jon: hahaha
(17:53:30) jon: you should of said "would you like some cake?"
(17:55:20) jon: or "i have some frosting for you!" then point at your crotch
(17:56:55) drd: all i said was "yes, it is"
(17:56:58) drd: im a newb
(17:59:29) drd: i think you should buy me l4d so i can cheer up
(17:59:42) jon: no
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<DiGi`> not only did i fail my road test, they revoked my permit
Notes: so there IS a risk to the test..
Quote #160 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-01-03 - [flag]
<Jason> drd, the last guy I heard say that was wearing nothing but a vest and a fuzzy banana hammock. do you really want to associate yourself with that?
<drd> who says im not already
Notes: by the power of greyskull...
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|7|Cha0s> not unhappy I am just worried what will happen in 5 years or 10 years
<knarf> sure, who isn't
<PhG> Exactly
<|7|Cha0s> No I would go work the hospital
<|7|Cha0s> that is not going anywhere
<|7|Cha0s> people are always sick and dying
<PhG> rofl.
<knarf> yep
<|7|Cha0s> my current job is great
<|7|Cha0s> will hate to leave it being the main guy to being a worker bee
<PhG> is it wrong that that statement is comforting for you |7|Cha0s ?
<|7|Cha0s> lol yea
Notes: People are always sick and dying! Job security FTW!
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drd: then be like "and if you want to screw something hard, im here for ya"
Quote #204 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-02-23 - [flag]
monk: good good.. how about the "I put it down and didn't touch it"? :)
nerobro: this.. would make me touch it.
monk: would it need an adult?
nerobro: no, it would need a lawyer.
monk: hahaha
Notes: Android Tablets are dirty.
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<Moike> headlines that make me lul
<Moike> "Steve Jobs reportedly 'close to terminal'"
<Moike> so what, I'm on one right now...
<Nerobro> that's mean
<Moike> got my fark headline submission all loaded and ready
<Moike> "iDied..."
<Moike> with a little luck hipsters will think that cancer is some form of app
Notes: New app. iKevorkian is next.
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Notes: That's not very sexy.
Quote #197 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-02-21 - [flag]
12:05 <@loclhst> if yo love your daughter as much as we do, then you will
Notes: We love your daughter just as much
Quote #240 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-05-31 - [flag]
<pen^2> /quit bitchy convo
<Tuba> /join bitchin convo
Notes: make it better.
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.... Right about lunchtime....
<g> Says: I think I might simply poof out of existance.
<d> Hears: "I think I might simply poop out of existance."
Notes: Low blood glucose strikes again.
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<digipengi> remember he has a front facing camera
<digipengi> he will be making man porn
<`Nerobro> yaknow..
<`Nerobro> thinking about it
<`Nerobro> most porn is "man" porn
<knarf> ugh
<`Nerobro> be it of men, or women
* knarf vomits
<`Nerobro> it's for other men
<`Nerobro> Girl porn doesn't even usually rate a pg-13 rating
<digipengi> girl porn is called "Anything with Johnny Depp"
<loclhst> or sparkley vampires
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drd: sysadminday is coming up!
jaed: NO.
jaed: actually... i have a good idea
drd: if it doesnt have boobies and a vagina, i dont want it!
jaed: your close
jaed: im going to get you a transvestite prostitute!
drd: ewwww
drd: well at least ill get some
drd: hahahahahahaha ewww
Notes: There's no Tech Support Appreciation Day.....
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<digipengi> Are you surfing an Amiga or a Newton device? Do you own a set of Tesla coils? We're not sure how you did it, but you unearthed our error page.
Notes: 404 - Page not found
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<loclhst> anyways i need to clean the exchange dirtiness off me
<loclhst> i was wondering why i smell like shit
Notes: It's like a burning bag of feces on your doorstep. Except you install it on a server.
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smallz: saints row 3
smallz: do it
rhys: downloading
rhys: love gnome 3
rhys: its like the type of UI research Apple did for normal users? only for geeks
smallz: install fucked up on my ubuntu machine
smallz: so I haven't gotten to try it yet
smallz: plus I've been beating people to death with a dildo baseball bat in SR3
smallz: priorities man
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10:26 <@p> I guess I still don't understand what seperates dubstep from
10:28 <@d> THE WOBBLE
10:28 <@d> plus techno sucks dick
Notes: Techno, it also sucks dick
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<`GnT> people at pumping station value their hide
<ManyMoons> `GnT: haha value thier hide.
<ManyMoons> Im gonna have to remember that phrase.
<`GnT> I think I came up with that after looking at protective gear for motorcycling
<ManyMoons> haha nice. Iv seen a guy wearing skid plates and my first thought was cool
<ManyMoons> my second thought was ".. any time wearing skid plates is a good idea, You might be doing something wrong"
Quote #107 - Score: -4 - [+/-] - 2010-06-14 - [flag]
<Silver> I just found ouut you can get a DUI in a kayak. Fuck.
<Silver> shit
<`Nerobro> hah
<`Nerobro> but legal intoxication on a kyak is .2
<`Nerobro> so you're safe short of death
<whitesnake> the authorities are just fucking with you, daring you to try to break that threshold
<Silver> .2 ain't shit
Notes: Just a little tipsy.