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DrD: so then i can say hook a lcd screen to the arduino 3.3 or 5v output, and the reader to its own 12v, and share ground accross and everything will be happy
Nerobro: Uh huh
DrD: nice
DrD: i asume i just dont want to cross the streams, i mean VCC lines
Notes: Crossing the streams would be bad.
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(5:49:34 AM) JaEd: name a Starcraft unit/building
(5:49:42 AM) JaEd: that would be a good name for a pbx
(5:50:50 AM) LogicalSuicide: hmm I don't think that dovecot if it is needed is auto starting
(5:51:21 AM) JaEd: Carrier? good idea!
(5:51:26 AM) LogicalSuicide: yar
(5:51:30 AM) JaEd: makes sense, like how ATT is a carrier
(5:51:33 AM) JaEd: your smart
(5:51:39 AM) LogicalSuicide: :?
(5:51:41 AM) LogicalSuicide: wah!
(5:51:44 AM) JaEd: :)
Notes: Logical Suicide is too enveloped trying to get Qmail and Squirrel Mail to work together to know whats going on.
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13:41 <@l> we have an email group called VMSTeam
13:44 <@l> the hell
13:44 <@l> AID_STaff
13:44 <@d> Aids staff
13:44 <@l> indeed
13:44 <@d> the missing letter is an s
13:45 <@P> rofl
13:45 <@l> thats what we called the aid group
13:45 <@l> aids group
13:45 <@P> good old aids group
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14:41 < erichanley1> i just installed ubuntu netbook remix on my laptop as a
lightweight os
14:42 < erichanley1> gonna run vms ontop of it
14:42 <@digipengi> netbook remix is NOT lightweight
14:42 <@digipengi> it is bloated and crap
14:42 < erichanley1> comparted to arch
14:42 < erichanley1> sure
14:42 < erichanley1> but relatively
14:42 <@digipengi> run a real *nix OS
14:42 < erichanley1> :P
14:42 < erichanley1> its easy and looks pretty
14:42 <@digipengi> so is your sister but we dont talk about it
Notes: Your sister is easy
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<D> rapes are done
<b> um
<D> oops
<D> tapes
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<ManyMoons> cheater: just visit 4chanb for awhile, you'll start feeling normal again
<ManyMoons> b's version of this question would be "does wanking off over a girl's obituary, with the rest of the newspaper stuffed up my ass, while sucking off a goat make me a bad person?"
<ManyMoons> Then RX8 would ask "Did you love her?"
<cheater> ManyMoons, /b/ is cancer now
<ManyMoons> and b would reply "Yea kinda, I mean, she was my sister"
Notes: 4.5 chan was better.
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<loclhst> anyways i need to clean the exchange dirtiness off me
<loclhst> i was wondering why i smell like shit
Notes: It's like a burning bag of feces on your doorstep. Except you install it on a server.
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<malb> ok i asked what os this lady was using and she said aol......
Notes: it came free on a cd, much better than linux!
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<b> "we don't date noobs... we PWN them!"
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<ManyMoons> Hmmm, I just thought of a project.
<ManyMoons> Avr based FFT+solenoid+LCD(?)
<ManyMoons> Result: cantaloupe ripeness detector.
<ManyMoons> Mmmm, I wonder what kinda modulation a cantaloupe uses to indicate ripeness.
<ManyMoons> Im gonna wager on Q modulation.
<ManyMoons> For anyone looking for a thesis subject, I suggest: Modulation techniques of fruit and vegetables.
<Rab> Can free energy be far behind?
<`GnT> how do you modulate froot
<Blue> sometimes I wonder how far off the topic is...
<ManyMoons> `GnT: well first you need to excite the fruit. I recommend showing it other fruit.. Or maybe just smacking it around.
Notes: modular fruit
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<`gnT> drd, I hope we can. His machine seems to be one of those that was bleeding edge when he bought it though
<`gnT> I expect to have some diver issues.
<drd> kk
<bco> damn divers!
<`gnT> And these guys use rebreathers, so we can't even trace the bubbles!
Notes: Something is fishy about this.
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11:02 <@b> i want actual porn
11:02 <@d> lol
11:02 <@d> www.le*onp***y.org ?? lol
11:03 <@b> i'll pass on old men doing wrong wrong things with each other
11:03 <@d> haha
11:03 <@d> I sent that to my old manager once
11:03 <@d> it was priceless
11:03 <@d> and instead of getting in trouble he just proceeded to
prank as many people with it as possible
11:04 <@b> or enjoy himself
11:04 <@b> disgusting
11:04 <@d> well yeah thats why I dont work there anymore
11:04 <@d> out of fear
11:05 <@b> fear or because office romances never work and you want him to
drill into your ass with his jackhammer?
11:05 <@d> damn how did you know?
11:05 <@b> i have the same thoughts
11:06 <@b> speaking of which, time to poo
11:06 <@d> >.<
11:06 <@d> Prease enjoy great success
Notes: IRC, it's filled with links to things you already know not to click.
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<a11nonymous> i need office 2009?
<jaed> that sucks
<IcyG> are u serious?
<jaed> go to best buy
<Juxive> hahah
<privaterolf> 2009?
<Lancer> hahaha
<privaterolf> Don't you mean 2007?
<Juxive> open office
<a11nonymous> sure
<FrankLaMotta> good luck with that bro
<jaed> theyll help you as much as we can :)
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Is there any way you could get this recording done yesterday? Jane Bennett’s phone. I copied this from the report:

Not Recorded 5555550386 Inbound 03/24/11 10:05:45 AM 00:24:30 ANSWERED
Notes: Yep, got my time machine right here.
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12:05 <@loclhst> if yo love your daughter as much as we do, then you will
Notes: We love your daughter just as much
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monk: Jenny McCarthy is why pretty girls shouldn't think.
Notes: http://revision3.com/pennpoint/jennymccarthy2 Really, just look up anything with jenny mccarthy + vaccines.
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nerobro: come to lunch?
DaintyB: sure, let me invent the teleporter first
nerobro: well get inventing!
DaintyB: lol
nerobro: How are you going to deal with Heisenberg uncertainty?
DaintyB: I thought I would throw Schrodinger's cat at it to see if it would reverse the polarity
nerobro: ............
nerobro: that's fucking genius.
DaintyB: :))
Notes: And the teleportation problem is solved.
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<digipengi> Knarf mentioned giving out ubuntu to the class
* digipengi hides before the storm
* PhG just walks away
<PhG> a new generation of ubuntards....
Notes: Stop the Ubuntards before its too late.
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<@b> wonder if the bots are +bitch
* b was kicked by vermont (channel is +bitch)
<@b> haha
<@b> :P
< d> >.<
<@b> think i found my answer
< d> indeed
-!- mode/#***** [-v colorado] by b
< d> oh god he'll do it
< d> dont make him angry
Notes: He's crazy man. I saw him stab a bot just for not Op'ing him!
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<number2> meth and baseball: america's favorite pasttimes
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.... Right about lunchtime....
<g> Says: I think I might simply poof out of existance.
<d> Hears: "I think I might simply poop out of existance."
Notes: Low blood glucose strikes again.
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<'gnT> I've still managed not to setup my trainer this year.
<'gnT> I need to do that
<'gnT> and setup a speedo on the trainer.
<ampleforth> no dude wear regular bike shorts
<'gnT> so THAT is what I"m doing wrong?
Notes: Wrong gear.
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[06/24 2:17PM] [d] okay its easier for me to change these...i just used vi with som sweet %s skills
[06/24 2:17PM] [s] dan and regex sitting in a tree
[06/24 2:18PM] [d] g r e p i n g
Notes: i love grep and regex
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drd: then be like "and if you want to screw something hard, im here for ya"
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*After being awake 36 hours working on an exchange "upgrade"*

<loclhst> i think last night was gods way of saying "you can never be happy"
Notes: Exchange hates everyone.