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23:10 <@matt> use arch
23:10 < ninjaneo> ;
23:10 <@matt> it's like gentoo but takes half the time
23:10 <@justin> need to really think it uot
23:10 <@justin> matt is cracking me up lateyl
23:10 < ninjaneo> yeah lol, i have arch on the vps
23:10 <@justin> with all his new found *nix knowledge
23:10 <@justin> fucker uber hacker over here.
23:10 <@matt> ifconfig FUCKERS
Notes: *nix bitches
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11:26… @drd: when you have a /8 you probably are the internet
11:26… JamesS: or the guy just typed it in wrong
11:26… JamesS: what about a /2
11:26… JamesS: does that make you jesus
11:26… @drd: no.
11:26… JamesS: does it make you 3 internets?
11:27… didier: I am the internet!
11:27… didier: I AM A /0 MWHAHAHA
11:27… @drd: we all know your a zero
11:27… @drd: you're
11:28… JamesS: BURN
11:28… didier: :(
11:28… didier: ZERO COOL!
11:28… didier: FOR YOUR ACID BURN!
11:28… @drd: you set yourself up for it
11:28… didier: MWHAHAHA
11:28… bco: what you say?
11:28… @drd: i want to be crashoverride
11:28… @drd: someone set us up the bomb!
11:29… @drd: we get signal
11:30… @drd: main screen turn on
11:30… JamesS: Someone's hacked the Gibson!
11:31… didier: Rabbits, Flu Shot!?!
11:31… @drd: type in cookie you nitwit
11:32… didier: Its -THE- Plague.
11:32… @drd: would your holiness care to change her password?
11:33… didier: A Worm and a Virus? The Plot Thickens!
11:33… @drd: okay im done for now
11:33… didier: Okay, Mr. The Plague.
11:34… @drd: stewardness, im never flying this airline again!!
11:34… didier: EUGENE!
11:34… drd sets mode: +m
11:34… @drd: no more
Notes: The Plot Thickens!
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15:56… jaed: p4t this is for you http://spedr.com/ptgi
16:01… drd: hey shes from dr horrible!
16:01… jaed: yea
16:01… jaed: and the guild
16:02… jaed: and of course, don't forget CanIt!
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15:31 <+e> the way to meet girls by fixing their computers is not by charging money
15:31 <+e> you are dumb
15:31 <+e> </story>
15:31 <@d> cause usually im fixing pc's for people I'd rather cut my dick off as payment
15:32 <@d> if I was running a "Fix all hot girls PC's cause of the Koobface virus" I'd do it for free
15:32 <@d> with a clause being whilst I fixed it the must wear a bikini or less
Notes: I'd call it 'Hadron Collidor Repair'
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(3:33:10 PM) drd: dont break it
(3:33:33 PM) a: other sites are workin on it
(3:33:57 PM) drd: expand application pools
(3:34:36 PM) a: goo
(3:34:38 PM) a: that did it
(3:34:46 PM) a: i just saw a fat dudes penis...
Notes: have to love our customers nudest beach website we host...
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Installment four of the matter Ethernet bridge saga. Things go horribly wrong. #199

DaintyB: So, if I get pulled over with a dead hooker in my trunk, should I not tell the cops I'm trying the Schrodinger's hooker experiment? I wasn't really sure if she was dead or not until he opened the trunk!
Notes: I'm not sure the LEO will "get it". http://www.simplypwned.com/quote.php?view=quote&id=199
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<BlackMoon> yes I like silence, and if the world droped dead tomarrow id be like 'good fucking riddance, now I can sleep till 10pm'
<`Nerobro> BlackMoon, cardbaord in the windows, earplugs, deep pillows
<`Nerobro> earplugs are especially effective against high frequencies... like birds
<BlackMoon> Fuck em, i'll just shoot em all untill I have a 2 mile deadzone around my house of anything noisy
<BlackMoon> Infact theres an idea, a sound tracking sucide drone
<TEKLore> lol
<BlackMoon> 'SQUACK SQUACK SQUACK VRRRRMMMMBOOOM' *feathers fall outta the tree*
Notes: That idea's for the birds...
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|7|Cha0s> not unhappy I am just worried what will happen in 5 years or 10 years
<knarf> sure, who isn't
<PhG> Exactly
<|7|Cha0s> No I would go work the hospital
<|7|Cha0s> that is not going anywhere
<|7|Cha0s> people are always sick and dying
<PhG> rofl.
<knarf> yep
<|7|Cha0s> my current job is great
<|7|Cha0s> will hate to leave it being the main guy to being a worker bee
<PhG> is it wrong that that statement is comforting for you |7|Cha0s ?
<|7|Cha0s> lol yea
Notes: People are always sick and dying! Job security FTW!
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(11:42:19 PM) drd: damn
(11:42:21 PM) drd: im so tired
(11:42:34 PM) drd: i just licked 2 random things in facebook when meaning to hit something else
(11:42:41 PM) didi: wtf
(11:42:46 PM) drd: yea
(11:42:52 PM) didi: is that a new feature, like poke of something?
(11:43:00 PM) drd: hahaha
(11:43:01 PM) drd: liked
(11:43:07 PM) didi: >.<
(11:43:07 PM) drd: hahaha
(11:43:11 PM) drd: duuuuuuude
(11:43:24 PM) drd: the yneed a lick feature
Notes: i lick this quote.
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<bje> drd: iptables is pwning me
Quote #224 - Score: -3 - [+/-] - 2011-04-28 - [flag]
10:26 <@p> I guess I still don't understand what seperates dubstep from
10:28 <@d> THE WOBBLE
10:28 <@d> plus techno sucks dick
Notes: Techno, it also sucks dick
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JamesS> dashas going to train you to be her nss replacement starting tomorrow
<Dasha_> james, how long have you been with DLS for?
<JamesS> in my mind theres only 2 days
<JamesS> the day you come in
<JamesS> and the day you go out
<JamesS> so one day
<JamesS> ^^movie quote
<JamesS> 3 years i'd say
<JamesS> right around that
<P4T> 25 years for me
<JamesS> i got 15 vacation days this year so i must have hit some sort of milestone
<Dasha_> well, I can definitely see that, because if you've been here more than that, you'd know that in here we don't train people, we just give them work
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12:05 <@loclhst> if yo love your daughter as much as we do, then you will
Notes: We love your daughter just as much
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15:02… `GTeiber: You took my stap ler
15:02… @drd: hush milton
15:03… JamesS: dear god he's gonna burn us to the ground
15:03… `GTeiber: but, I can't work like this. I'm going to burn this place down.
15:03… JamesS: everybody grab a server and run
15:03… `GTeiber: but.. how can I take the interwebs home?
Notes: the new guy lost his stapler... we all feared for our lives that day.
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<Moike> headlines that make me lul
<Moike> "Steve Jobs reportedly 'close to terminal'"
<Moike> so what, I'm on one right now...
<Nerobro> that's mean
<Moike> got my fark headline submission all loaded and ready
<Moike> "iDied..."
<Moike> with a little luck hipsters will think that cancer is some form of app
Notes: New app. iKevorkian is next.
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(2:06:28 PM) drd: i think microsoft is confused
(2:06:35 PM) drd: because of the netops/operations emails
(2:06:39 PM) drd: fucking microsoft
(2:07:17 PM) jaed: fuck them hard
(2:07:21 PM) jaed: penetrate them
(2:07:25 PM) jaed: in the butthole dan
(2:07:27 PM) drd: i am already
Notes: netops/operations are one in the same for the mailing groups.
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d: the gui app probably reset your iptables
b: checkin iptables'
b: stupid app
d: never use an app to do a mans job
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<Tuber> I can call Chicago 'the 312' right? Does this make me a native, or do I need to eat a weird hotdog?
<`Beggar> only in boys town.
Notes: Chicago indoctrination.
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[02/13 4:11PM] <bje> hahahahahahahahaha
[02/13 4:11PM] <bje> awww dan
[02/13 4:11PM] <bje> boradcast (so drd doesnt assign it again)
[02/13 4:11PM] <drd> hahaha
[02/13 4:11PM] <bje> thats the description on the xxx.xxx.xx.xx... the BROADCAST
[02/13 4:11PM] <bje> comedy gold
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15:37 <@knarf> I just totally slammed one guy
15:37 <@knarf> I know I should not have but I did.
15:37 <@digipengi> you would slam a guy
Notes: Slamming guys, just another thing to add to the ol' resume
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*After being awake 36 hours working on an exchange "upgrade"*

<loclhst> i think last night was gods way of saying "you can never be happy"
Notes: Exchange hates everyone.
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[02/03 10:43AM] [peter(~peter)] webmail max upload is:
[02/03 10:43AM] [peter(~peter)] upload_max_filesize 2M
[02/03 10:43AM] [peter(~peter)] this cannot be changed
[02/03 10:43AM] [peter(~peter)] but then you received a 30meg test file after you said the maximum is 2meg and cant be changed?
[02/03 10:44AM] [peter(~peter)] so it isn't 2 meg???
[02/03 10:45AM] [msg(peter)] read what you just copied and pasted
[02/03 10:45AM] [msg(peter)] mainly the first two lines. sit and think about those for 10 minutes
[02/03 10:46AM] [peter(~peter)] let me ask you a question you can think about for 10min
[02/03 10:46AM] [peter(~peter)] what is the max file you can send through the server NOT from webmail?
[02/03 10:46AM] [msg(peter)] that information is in the ticket
[02/03 10:47AM] [msg(peter)] do i still need to think about it for 10 minutes

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12:36 <@l> !like
12:37 <@l> should make that into a bot command to add it to ******** then add a like to facebook
12:37 <@P> heh
12:37 <@P> well, your the lead dev for ******
12:37 <@l> im the only dev for it
12:38 <@l> and the only admin since you guys never can seem to remember your passwords, wanker.
Notes: Wanker
Quote #280 - Score: -11 - [+/-] - 2012-03-05 - [flag]
<RyanBouse> but you cant log into root with the gnome interface
<`Nerobro> Asking someone about what linux to use, you're going down tha tsame religious path... AMD or Intel. What hard disk is best. Etc...
<`Nerobro> RyanBouse, you sould never, EVER be logged in as root
* Disconnected (Connection reset by peer).
Notes: Obviously I said something wrong..
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smallz: saints row 3
smallz: do it
rhys: downloading
rhys: love gnome 3
rhys: its like the type of UI research Apple did for normal users? only for geeks
smallz: install fucked up on my ubuntu machine
smallz: so I haven't gotten to try it yet
smallz: plus I've been beating people to death with a dildo baseball bat in SR3
smallz: priorities man