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<drd> looks like rokot stopped processing things again
<drd> 0000A96F SYSUAF_SERVER_C COM 4 3652 0 00:02:49.32 1482 875
<drd> sysuaf is in a computational state again
<didier`> love how we come to the same conclusion at the same time.
<didier`> <3 rokot.
<drd> i can probably fix it
<drd> without a reboot
<drd> =P
<drd> all fix0red
<didier`> idk if you should be proud or sad.
<drd> i lost a little peice of happiness with that
Notes: <3 openVMS
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DrD: so then i can say hook a lcd screen to the arduino 3.3 or 5v output, and the reader to its own 12v, and share ground accross and everything will be happy
Nerobro: Uh huh
DrD: nice
DrD: i asume i just dont want to cross the streams, i mean VCC lines
Notes: Crossing the streams would be bad.
Quote #217 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-04-06 - [flag]
<BlackMoon> If we could cross breed kangaroos and poodles..
<cheater> blackmoon: lol
<`Nerobro> pooderoos?
<cheater> LOL
<BlackMoon> Kangadoodle.
<BlackMoon> tiny little dogs that double as purses.
<BlackMoon> 'Fur is murder!' 'my purse isent dead yet!'
Notes: My new Gucci bag likes it's chin rubbed.
Quote #238 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-05-27 - [flag]
Notes: That's not very sexy.
Quote #103 - Score: -4 - [+/-] - 2010-05-14 - [flag]
<b> I'll be lucky to finish 3/4
<P> yeah the sandwiches are big
<G> I just ate two bites to form an opinoin
<G> ;-)
<D> they arent fooling around, i think ill be brining some of this home
<b> gnt, 8 bit opinion!
Notes: how many bits in two bites? At least enough to bring home.
Quote #150 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2010-12-20 - [flag]
<ryanb> theres a small dent in the tank of my awesome 900rr
<ryanb> I am upset
<morthrane> don't ride with an erection next time
<`Nerobro> very.. small.. dent
Notes: Motorcycle without enough "passenger" space.
Quote #10 - Score: -12 - [+/-] - 2009-01-03 - [flag]
(4:06:58 PM) CodeZero: tell ur g/f i said hi
(4:06:59 PM) A Divergent Mind: peace
(4:07:03 PM) A Divergent Mind: well do
(4:07:11 PM) A Divergent Mind: same to your mom
(4:07:15 PM) CodeZero: k
(4:07:16 PM) CodeZero: will do
(4:07:17 PM) A Divergent Mind: hehehe
(4:07:20 PM) A Divergent Mind: later
(4:07:24 PM) CodeZero: ill also tell her to get tested too
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<ScribbleJ> That's a lot of saran wrap to try to manage.
<`Nerobro> ScribbleJ, therefore my "build it off the rolls" instead of making it, then rolling it
<`Nerobro> my only worry is that a high power discharge may physically expand it
<ScribbleJ> That's funny way to say explode.
<`Nerobro> I dobut it would.. explode...
<`Nerobro> just... have an undesirable reconfiguration
Notes: Making Caps. Big CAPs.
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siok: gw is down
siok: it came back
rhys: glad. you should give it a bone and stop beating it so much
rhys: and it won't run away anymore
siok: but how will I get out my childhood rage?
rhys: same thing the rest of america does. get drunk and beat our wives and girlfriends
siok: yea, but servers won't call the cops and take half my money after a year long court battle
Quote #13 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-01-07 - [flag]
<bje> man i feel like horseshit
<bje> is that possible to feel like a small lump of turd
<drd> now -thats- how you get pinkeye...
Quote #38 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2009-09-03 - [flag]
(10:01:30 PM) drd: dude my feet are all worn out and sore and shit
(10:01:41 PM) drd: i wake up every morning barely able to talk
(10:01:59 PM) drd: derrr
(10:02:00 PM) drd: walk
(10:02:26 PM) jaed: talk too apparently
Notes: walk or talk, either way fail insues
Quote #165 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-01-05 - [flag]
<inittab> but does it matter what side of an led the resistor is on
<BlackMoon> It has to be on the left side.
* BlackMoon facedesks.
<inittab> i meant positive or negative
<inittab> smartass.
<BlackMoon> Really. left side.
<BlackMoon> But yes, it is a stupid question that doesnt matter.
<Sculptor> kirchhoff is turning in his grave
<panax> it has to be in parallel
<panax> put it in parallel
<BlackMoon> nono, diagonal!
<BlackMoon> Sculptor: Sometimes I think we need to start wiring corpses up to generators
<BlackMoon> with all the turning in thier grave they do, we could generate a lot of energy from them.
<Sculptor> even better: gym machines
<Sculptor> true
<BlackMoon> 'E=MChammer!! Look, einstein's up two megawatts!'
Notes: Power from the dead.
Quote #119 - Score: -4 - [+/-] - 2010-09-10 - [flag]
<digipengi> Knarf mentioned giving out ubuntu to the class
* digipengi hides before the storm
* PhG just walks away
<PhG> a new generation of ubuntards....
Notes: Stop the Ubuntards before its too late.
Quote #90 - Score: -5 - [+/-] - 2010-03-01 - [flag]
<DiGi`> not only did i fail my road test, they revoked my permit
Notes: so there IS a risk to the test..
Quote #226 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2011-05-01 - [flag]
16:58 < the_leper> it was like if masturbation actually caused blindness
16:58 < the_leper> how do you choose
16:59 <@digipengi> I dont need to see to touch my penis
Quote #128 - Score: -9 - [+/-] - 2010-10-01 - [flag]
|7|Cha0s> not unhappy I am just worried what will happen in 5 years or 10 years
<knarf> sure, who isn't
<PhG> Exactly
<|7|Cha0s> No I would go work the hospital
<|7|Cha0s> that is not going anywhere
<|7|Cha0s> people are always sick and dying
<PhG> rofl.
<knarf> yep
<|7|Cha0s> my current job is great
<|7|Cha0s> will hate to leave it being the main guy to being a worker bee
<PhG> is it wrong that that statement is comforting for you |7|Cha0s ?
<|7|Cha0s> lol yea
Notes: People are always sick and dying! Job security FTW!
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gnT: Yeah, that's my problem too. "I" qualify for antique plates now.
MR: meh. Knock it off, kids.
gnT: Yeah dude, your plates are grandfathered in.
MR: yep; had to get rid of the my original plates. No one reads cuneiform anymore
Notes: This joke is getting old.
Quote #115 - Score: -2 - [+/-] - 2010-08-06 - [flag]
Habib: It's a 4way and not a 3way
Drd: Ooooh
Notes: Channel info: Helicopters
Quote #105 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-05-25 - [flag]
m> any recommendations on w2k3 install for a sensor, any standards?
d> (includes link to article explaining installation of a sensor)
m> do you have a link on standard windows installation?
Notes: you install, you upgrade, how much more standard do you need?
Quote #44 - Score: 1 - [+/-] - 2009-09-24 - [flag]
Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringement Timestamp: 2009-xx-xx
Infringers IP Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
Infringers Port: 63310
Infringement Title: Shorty's Mac In Your Daughter #4
Infringement Filename: Shortys.Macin.Your.Daughter.4.XXX.DVDRip.XviD-NYMPHO
Infringement Hash: |
Notes: Hell yea he is
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<digipengi> rhys: invade poland NOW
<rhys> http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-cosplay/ikuy/ikuy-euro-salute.jpg
<digipengi> damn you I am in training and everyone just saw that
<rhys> Mission Accomplished
Quote #230 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2011-05-06 - [flag]
(11:49:25 AM) drd: do i still have a flag
(11:49:31 AM) vard: yes
(11:49:38 AM) drd: empathy doesnt show it
(11:49:51 AM) didi: i dont feel your pain
Quote #120 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-09-16 - [flag]
<malb> ok i asked what os this lady was using and she said aol......
Notes: it came free on a cd, much better than linux!
Quote #111 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-07-13 - [flag]
drd: iTired.
gnt: Sounds like a new apple product. A Sleep aid..
Notes: don't give them any new ideas...
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Our story continues a week later... Quote #170

Nerobro: so you solved the heisenberg problem and will be coming to lunch right?
DaintyB: Schrodinger's cat took a dump on the flux capacitors. This time I'm thinking that I'll reverse the polarity first, possibly by venting a warp core, then I'll toss in the cat. Either way, it has a 50/50 chance of working.
Nerobro: I... think I love you....
Nerobro: *swoons*
DaintyB: Good, now go find me a cat so we can get this party started LOL
Notes: Next week, DaintyB solves the problems with a matter-ethernet bridge. http://www.simplypwned.com/quote.php?view=quote&id=170