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JamesS> dashas going to train you to be her nss replacement starting tomorrow
<Dasha_> james, how long have you been with DLS for?
<JamesS> in my mind theres only 2 days
<JamesS> the day you come in
<JamesS> and the day you go out
<JamesS> so one day
<JamesS> ^^movie quote
<JamesS> 3 years i'd say
<JamesS> right around that
<P4T> 25 years for me
<JamesS> i got 15 vacation days this year so i must have hit some sort of milestone
<Dasha_> well, I can definitely see that, because if you've been here more than that, you'd know that in here we don't train people, we just give them work
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You are trying to link a Task to another Task that has a series of Task links back to the first Task
(The task was not changed)
Notes: <3 ClickBase
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ween: is it weird if i want a midnight snack
ween: of corn?
ween: lol
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: wtf? yes lol.
ween: oh
ween: well it's a good thing i don't want corn
ween: >.>
ween: <.<
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: haha
ween: i have frozen corn in my freezer
ween: and it sounds really good
ween: lol
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: all the farms in Wisconsin must be getting to you
Notes: corn as a midnight snack = wtf?
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j: as soon as this gets running I'm going to get a drink and i'm gonna sit in my back yard and kick the dog
Notes: we feel your pain
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00:14 < Toba> why we still need drivers for network printers is beyond me
00:15 < Toba> screw paper anyway
00:15 < digipengi> same reason we still need windows
00:16 < Toba> because the world is a horrible place full of stupid people?
00:17 < digipengi> yup
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<m> [m@test /]$ su
<m> Password:
<m> su: incorrect password
<m2> sudo su -
<m2> root becomes you
Notes: in Soviet Russia...
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12:43 <@loclhst> and we stumbled on one of the processes in a
"computing state"
12:43 <@loclhst> taking up 100%
12:43 <@digipengi> haha ugh oh
12:43 <@digipengi> did he pkill it
12:43 <@loclhst> and he stopped it, and started it and low and
behold EVERYTHING started working
12:44 <@digipengi> lawl
12:44 <@loclhst> so as i was recapping with him, i said beause it
was in a computing state, everything else was held
12:44 <@digipengi> yes
12:44 <@loclhst> "no, i dont think that is related at all, the users
wernt added in is allt he problem was"
12:44 <@knarf> lol
12:44 <@digipengi> zomg fail
12:45 <@knarf> how did your face look at that time
12:45 <@loclhst> @.@
12:45 <@digipengi> did you stab him after that statement?
Notes: 100% computing state, never the cause of issues....
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14:24 <@d> time to roll out
14:24 <@d> autobots
14:24 <@l> uhh shouldnt we transform, or just roll out?
14:26 <@d> ill leave that up to you
14:26 <@d> how ever you see fit to roll out
14:26 <@d> then do it
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Jim - you're right
Matt - but i don't want to be right for this
Matt - I want it to do the reporting for me!
Notes: I don't want to be right for once
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(7:17:56 PM) jaed: "And of course, Windows NT, or WNT was designed by Dave Cutler whose previous operating system was VMS
V-W, M-N, S-T

generally reckoned to be homage to HAL"
(7:18:22 PM) drd: hahahahahaahha
(7:18:37 PM) drd: i knew there was some vms in windows
(7:18:41 PM) jaed: ahahahaha!
Notes: Oh the widely hated.... VMS.
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07:13 <@d> how goes
07:13 < f> so far so good
07:14 < f> you?
07:14 <@d> just got to the office, it's not on fire, so 50/50
07:15 < f> lol
07:16 <@d> yesterday I had to fix our DNS
07:16 < f> but today
07:17 <@d> today I have to fix everything else
07:17 < f> lol
Notes: Work work
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DoctorD: have you ever set up HA with windows
'GnT: HA?
'GnT: High availability?
DoctorD: yes
'GnT: Yes. it involved installing Linux.
DoctorD: also could be concitterede hahahahaha
DoctorD: linux to manage the ha or Linux to replace windows
'GnT: linux to replace windows.
DoctorD: yea i tried that
DoctorD: but i couldn't find a centos.msi file
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jaed :"Prostate script? WTF server did i just power on?"
drd :"That says post-rotate."
jaed :"oh"
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<j> our updater sucks monkey ass
<g> I recal seeing the feature request for "suck monkey ass" at some point.
<d> yea it was submitted by s. he thought that sucking donkey balls wasnt good enough.
Notes: Features. They're there.
Quote #136 - Score: -1 - [+/-] - 2010-10-20 - [flag]
<digipengi> cause i thought about running Exchange, then realized i'd rather cut my own balls off...
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<incubeous> :*( How am I the nerdiest person in here dammit
<longcat> I'm just a janitor
<incubeous> is that a metaphor or are you really a janitor?
<longcat> @ is my mop, and +b is my cleaner
Notes: #electronics Efnet
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In #electronics:

<Ryaan2000> There's no #audiophile, I just figured this was the closest thing.
Notes: #electronics != Alchemy
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m> any recommendations on w2k3 install for a sensor, any standards?
d> (includes link to article explaining installation of a sensor)
m> do you have a link on standard windows installation?
Notes: you install, you upgrade, how much more standard do you need?
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--> SteinEin (~SteinEin@173-15-215-110-BusName-Atlanta.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) has joined #computers
<-- pixel has quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
<SteinEin> hi
<SteinEin> Is it possible to have a computer so quiet that I can't hear it, yet powerful enough for my music and video production?
<SteinEin> I do not want to hear ANYTHIGN
<SteinEin> Is this possible or do I have to drill a hole in the wall and move my computer to the next room?
<PhG> You dont have to do that
<PhG> just drill a hole in your head
<Kevin666`> drilling holes is always fun
<PhG> then everything will get very quiet
<SteinEin> PhG quiet
<PhG> Precisely!
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<amd> holy crap
<jcs> ?
<amd> everyone is calling cuz their outlook is misconfigured now...
<jcs> how so?
<amd> new mail is case sensetive :)
<Suit> shit shit !
Notes: for you jro
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d: the gui app probably reset your iptables
b: checkin iptables'
b: stupid app
d: never use an app to do a mans job
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Installment four of the matter Ethernet bridge saga. Things go horribly wrong. #199

DaintyB: So, if I get pulled over with a dead hooker in my trunk, should I not tell the cops I'm trying the Schrodinger's hooker experiment? I wasn't really sure if she was dead or not until he opened the trunk!
Notes: I'm not sure the LEO will "get it". http://www.simplypwned.com/quote.php?view=quote&id=199
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(8:40:00 PM) drd: i thikn its your sound card thats not supported
(8:40:11 PM) drd: and dont blame gentoo, its the same issue with fuckbuntu and fedora
Notes: drd gets angry at the ASUS M3A78-EM and trying to make audio work with gentoo.
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12:05 <@loclhst> if yo love your daughter as much as we do, then you will
Notes: We love your daughter just as much
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Context: Japan had a 9+ earthquake days previous
thedroolfool: I keep reading articles about the japanese not looting and how homogeneous their society is
thedroolfool: I wonder how much a violent earthquake contributes to homogenization
Notes: Shaken, not stirred.