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ET: liquid helium pushing a Phenom II X4 965 BE past 6.6 ghz at -232 degrees C? Frigging awesome.
AD: dislike. It would be cooler if it were a Intel chip.
ET: Intel chips can't run that cold. Only the Phenom II processors can run on liquid helium.
AD: Doesnt change the fact that it would be cooler :D
ET: Well you could cool any chip to -250C... but you can't run any chip that cold... I'll see monday if Kingpin broke the record...
JT: Lame AMD CPU, nothing beats an Intel, nothing. There's a couple benchmarks out there of someone with an Intel around 10GHz. I run at 4.05GHz myself w/o liquid cooling.
JT: Here is one example... http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=937 Notice there are no AMD chips currently on the record chart. XD
AD: thanks for doing the footwork, i was by far too lazy to retort. AMD is just living on dreams.... im not one to usually root against the lil guy but I know quality when i see it. What next ET? Are you going to start telling us about amazing overclocks on Via C7 to 2.5ghz! Mmmmm Intel.
JT: ROFL "Via C7" - hahahahahaha.....good one. XD
Notes: Facebook post that was just asking for it...
Names Edited for privacy purposes.
Ownage included for AMD suckage.
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(23:33:53) drd: i bet shes single because shes really a bitch
(23:34:04) j: hahaha
(23:34:20) j: think about the motorboat!!
(23:34:34) j: brrrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrlrllrlrlr
Notes: indeed
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Dan D: sooooo u spent all night looking for a snake that was in its cage?
Dan D: maybe u really DO need more sleep
Dan D: :p
Matt L: Dan i need to go home on basis of going insane
Matt L: id like to use short term disability for it too
Dan D: right about now, i have a hard time arguing that.
Matt L: thanks
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d: the gui app probably reset your iptables
b: checkin iptables'
b: stupid app
d: never use an app to do a mans job
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Dasha: good morning, boys
James: Good morning Dasha
Ryan: Good morning
James: Good morning Ryan
didier: Good Morning
didier: Good Morning Ryan
Ryan: Good morning James
didier: Good Morning Jimmy
drd: Good Morning, Dave...
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<AR_> what the fuck is usb 3.0
<AR_> it's liek 2 ports jammed together

<Huitaryan1> when a usb and a firewire love each other very much...
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<pen^2> /quit bitchy convo
<Tuba> /join bitchin convo
Notes: make it better.
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didier: You've got a prolapsed clock.
Notes: herniated time?
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* reactor (~reactor@unaffiliated/reactor) has joined ##electronics
* zigggggy reacts to reactor
<reactor> No no nonononononono
<reactor> you do not have to
* jpa- removes the control rods
<zigggggy> :O
* reactor sparks
<zigggggy> :D:DD::DD
<reactor> Do not press that button.
<zigggggy> the red one?
* jpa- runs away with the control rods
* CoolBeer drains the cooling liquid
* jpa- replaces cooling liquid with cool beer
<CoolBeer> :0
<reactor> I am not a nuclear device.
<`Nerobro_> that's what ALL nuclear devices say.
<reactor> (*cough* that also implies that I am not a moron)
<CoolBeer> We shouldn't push him, he can blow any second!
Notes: Please don your lead underwear.
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ween: is it weird if i want a midnight snack
ween: of corn?
ween: lol
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: wtf? yes lol.
ween: oh
ween: well it's a good thing i don't want corn
ween: >.>
ween: <.<
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: haha
ween: i have frozen corn in my freezer
ween: and it sounds really good
ween: lol
JaEd [Jagged Edge]: all the farms in Wisconsin must be getting to you
Notes: corn as a midnight snack = wtf?
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didi:Prostate script? WTF server did i just power on?
drd:That says post-rotate.
Notes: Prostate Script
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(3:53:12 PM) root: jesus christ
(3:58:46 PM) root: i had an itch on my armpit so i scratched, and my finger smelled like s.
Notes: Surface to air missile. See also; one who does not wear deodorant...
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monk: Jenny McCarthy is why pretty girls shouldn't think.
Notes: http://revision3.com/pennpoint/jennymccarthy2 Really, just look up anything with jenny mccarthy + vaccines.
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loclhst: cp awesome
loclhst: haha
loclhst: ops
digipengi: O_O
loclhst: manipulating files in another window
ChrisH: Dan please have a seat over there
Notes: cp is not awesome
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15:56… jaed: p4t this is for you http://spedr.com/ptgi
16:01… drd: hey shes from dr horrible!
16:01… jaed: yea
16:01… jaed: and the guild
16:02… jaed: and of course, don't forget CanIt!
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(17:52:48) drd: i got scared yesterday. i wore my cake is a lie shirt, and at noodles, a cute girl was like "is that a 'cake is a lie' shirt? that is THE best game!"
(17:52:56) drd: and i didnt know what to say
(17:52:58) drd: =(
(17:53:14) jon: hahaha
(17:53:30) jon: you should of said "would you like some cake?"
(17:55:20) jon: or "i have some frosting for you!" then point at your crotch
(17:56:55) drd: all i said was "yes, it is"
(17:56:58) drd: im a newb
(17:59:29) drd: i think you should buy me l4d so i can cheer up
(17:59:42) jon: no
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S: packet captures always know
drd: shakiras hips dont lie. packet captures never lie.
S: haha
drd: therefore. packet captures = shakira. no wonder why they are promiscuous.
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smallz: saints row 3
smallz: do it
rhys: downloading
rhys: love gnome 3
rhys: its like the type of UI research Apple did for normal users? only for geeks
smallz: install fucked up on my ubuntu machine
smallz: so I haven't gotten to try it yet
smallz: plus I've been beating people to death with a dildo baseball bat in SR3
smallz: priorities man
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Infringement Source: BitTorrent
Infringement Timestamp: 2009-xx-xx
Infringers IP Address: xx.xx.xx.xx
Infringers Port: 63310
Infringement Title: Shorty's Mac In Your Daughter #4
Infringement Filename: Shortys.Macin.Your.Daughter.4.XXX.DVDRip.XviD-NYMPHO
Infringement Hash: |
Notes: Hell yea he is
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14:41 < erichanley1> i just installed ubuntu netbook remix on my laptop as a
lightweight os
14:42 < erichanley1> gonna run vms ontop of it
14:42 <@digipengi> netbook remix is NOT lightweight
14:42 <@digipengi> it is bloated and crap
14:42 < erichanley1> comparted to arch
14:42 < erichanley1> sure
14:42 < erichanley1> but relatively
14:42 <@digipengi> run a real *nix OS
14:42 < erichanley1> :P
14:42 < erichanley1> its easy and looks pretty
14:42 <@digipengi> so is your sister but we dont talk about it
Notes: Your sister is easy
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<b> ugh, bacon burp.
<j> try a pancake/coke burp
Notes: lunch fights back
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[14:50] <JamesS> JD told me his favorite story of all time was "A Queer and Present Danger"
[14:51] <JD-chi> thats not true james, that is my second favorite
[14:52] <JD-chi> number one is, hans and grettle
[14:52] <Didi> Henzel and Grettle is the story im familiar with
[14:52] <JD-chi> even though i dont know how to spell it, it is my favorite story
[14:53] <JD-chi> its a more homoerotic version where henzel is hans a blonde bavarian hunk with short shorts
[14:53] <JD-chi> and one of those huge horn things from the ricola commercials
[14:54] <JamesS> And Grettle is a donkey
[14:54] <JD-chi> exactly, i knew you had seen it
[14:55] <drd> riiiiiiiiccooollaaaaaaa
Notes: Henzel and Hans
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12:51 <@digipengi> it's all real technical
12:51 <@loclhst> 'im not technical dan'
12:51 <@digipengi> lol
12:52 <@digipengi> you understand computers
12:52 <@digipengi> not asians
12:52 <@loclhst> <3 asian women
12:52 <@Nerobro> asians suck on cat3 and memorize the tingle
12:52 <@Nerobro> they use a 9v and fast twitching to reply
Notes: Asians aren't computers
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<BlackMoon> If we could cross breed kangaroos and poodles..
<cheater> blackmoon: lol
<`Nerobro> pooderoos?
<cheater> LOL
<BlackMoon> Kangadoodle.
<BlackMoon> tiny little dogs that double as purses.
<BlackMoon> 'Fur is murder!' 'my purse isent dead yet!'
Notes: My new Gucci bag likes it's chin rubbed.
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<digipengi> cause i thought about running Exchange, then realized i'd rather cut my own balls off...